A tale of two parliaments

The editorial in today’s Irish Daily Star points out how quickly Michael Martin, the Speaker of Britain’s House of Commons, was forced to resign for incompetence. The editorial continues:

“Our politicians cock up continuously, squander multi-millions of taxpayers’ money, expose us to huge debt, display the most breath taking arrogance and contempt for the electorate, fail miserably to fulfil their electoral promises and feather their own nests while telling us to tighten ours. But a nuclear explosion wouldn’t dislodge them from their well-padded seats.”

One thought on “A tale of two parliaments”

  1. In the light of publication of the Ryan report on Institutionalised child abuse and of course other matters you have been highlighting over a long period we can now apply to the Irish Republic what Charlie Haughey once said about Northern Ireland – this is a failed State.

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