Lee has his first session in dark pit of Irish politics

It really is refreshing to witness George Lee talk with passion and honesty about political issues.

For example, on The Week in Politics last Sunday he was asked about reports that Seanad Eireann closed down last week to allow the Senators attend a golf outing.

“I can’t believe that they met for 40 days for the first couple of months of the year.

During that period, the first four months up to April, 93,000 people went on the dole while they met for 40 days, while they took all that money from the taxpayer and they sat there planning their golf outing.

It’s an absolute outrage, I tell you they would all want to consider their positions, they need to go.”

On being asked – Should the Senate be shut down?

“Would we care? 93,000 people is what it’s about and the fact that unemployment is heading towards 600,000 while they’re there lining their pockets, claiming their expenses and doing not an awful lot for the people. I really couldn’t be bothered whether they were shut down, it’s a disgrace.”

If every politician or even a significant number of them felt and acted with such passionate anger and honesty Ireland would indeed be a country of happy enlightenment.

Sadly, it is not to be. It’s only a matter of time before George is hauled down into the dark, damp pit of Irish politics where all new arrivals on the political scene are strapped into a seat, have a very bright light shone in their faces and ruthlessly indoctrinated into the realities of Irish political life.

And judging from a report on Newstalk 106 it seems that George has had his first session in the pit. He has denied that he called for the Seanad to be scrapped saying he meant it needed reform.

“All of my party colleagues have been pushing the issue of Seanad reform for a long period of time, much longer than my last two weeks in politics; I’m beating the same drum. They all want to make that contribution, they know it’s very important institution of state and they know it has to be modernised.”

Yes, we know George. Irish politicians have been calling for and promising reform of the Senate for decades but never actually act on the matter. They don’t act because they are greedy, dishonest and arrogant.

How many sessions in the cellar George before you are a fully signed up member of the corrupt Irish political system?

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