Italian/Irish corruption

It’s interesting to compare the troubles of Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi with how such scandals are dealt with in Ireland.

Berlusconi was found out by accident in the course of an unrelated corruption investigation. Italy’s Fraud Squad had been investigating corruption concerning contracts for supplying equipment to hospitals.

The Irish Fraud Squad never investigates this type of crime. Yet, I have no doubt whatsoever that such contract corruption is rampant throughout the Irish business and political world.

A chief prosecutor launched an investigation into one Giampaolo Tarantini who is suspected of recruiting young women for Mr. Berlusconi’s parties. Mr. Tarantini is facing a charge of allegedly abetting prostitution.

Ireland doesn’t have chief prosecutors who can independently and courageously decide to launch an investigation into corruption.

Even if we did have such people they would never, in a million years, initiate an investigation that had the potential to damage a politician and in particular a Prime Minister. Irish police do not investigate politicians – full stop.

Italy is generally seen as the most corrupt country in Europe yet they have corruption courts and Italian police do investigate politicians and bring them to justice.

Here in Ireland we have yet to even admit that corruption is a major and extremely damaging aspect of our culture.

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  1. What about the quarry bought in Wexford by CRH and the GAA pitches that are not owned by the GAA but in fact CRH and the front men they had to support them in the swindle, a priest and a former TD………………..Watch this space…………….Swindled a widow with 11 kids in to believing a lot of lies……………..Gardai afraid to bring in fraud squad at families request………

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