Judges join politicians and bankers in the lifeboats

The ongoing financial crisis continues to strip away the pretence that Ireland is a functioning, democratic country. The judiciary is the latest untouchable elite to be exposed as greedy, self serving and unpatriotic.

In 1959 a Supreme Court ruling held that a tax wouldn’t affect judicial independence if it didn’t discriminate against judges. The pension levy applies to all public servants and therefore does not discriminate against judges.

The judges, with the full cooperation of the political elite, are cynically exploiting the Constitution for their own greedy ends.

Only 19 of the country’s 148 judges have volunteered to make a contribution in lieu of the public service pension levy.

According to Brian Cowen judges have until the end of the year to decide whether to make a contribution and he believes more will do so.

Brian Cowen is wrong. There is no time limit by which the judges have to decide whether to pay up or not. How could there be a time limit if, as we are asked to believe, it is unconstitutional to force judges to pay the levy?

When the politicians were asked to play their part in rescuing the country from financial ruin they steadfastly refused to do so. Instead they jettisoned any pretence of leadership and opted to fight tooth and nail to hold onto every cent they could no matter how bad things get for those they would claim to lead.

Similarly, bankers and senior civil servants who played a leading part in the destruction of our country were allowed to walk away with massive pensions and bonuses.

Judges are just the latest cosseted elite who believe that they should be allowed to retain all their wealth and privileges while the peasants pay the full price.

The analogy with Titanic is apt – As the ship (of state) sinks to its doom all the elites are heading for the lifeboats with their jewels and fur coats while the peasants are locked in steerage and told they must make the ultimate sacrifice so that their betters may survive and prosper.