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I was sorely tempted to write a witty letter on the subject of thousands of people worshipping a tree stump in County Limerick.

Then I noted the fines for blasphemy in the Government’s proposed legislation.

Isn’t the weather grand for the time of year all the same?

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St. Helens,


2 thoughts on “Stumped”

  1. As Oliver St John Gogarty used to say “sure, its not that time of year at all!”

  2. I wouldn’t want to be in the net far-flung by the proposed blasphemy legislation, either – we are going to have to tread very softly in our comments on religious and neo-religious subjects, I can see – but has anyone examined the OTHER piece of wood which was cut from THE STUMP, ie – the trunk; which obviously protruded; previously, from the ‘sacred image’ stump and which may now be lying, cut up, and waiting to season and dry in some Irish firewood seller’s yard… is there another Tree -enclosed Virgin somewhere – were there TWO???? Back to back, so to speak, (anyone who has sawn, installed, or dealt with VENEER will know what I mean, a book-match?)) Now the Image to be seen in the cut off piece may be a LITTLE smaller and a LITTLE more difficult to ‘see’, but still ought to be marketeable at a LITTLER price… or may be able to attract a FEW MORE dedicated persons… Let’s give it a go, Irel;and.

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