New Late Late Show – Could do better

It was only last night, as I watched Ryan Tubridy’s first Late Late Show; that the full extent of the financial disaster facing the country was brought home to me.

I mean, where did they get that set – was it rented from a 1970s second hand furniture warehouse?

And that microphone cable carelessly strewn across the floor and up the leg of Tubridy’s table? For feck sake, it was a black cable on a black table leg crudely secured with white tape.

Throughout the show Tubridy’s head was silhouetted on the set – very shoddy lighting, very unprofessional.

Overall, the show was more like an amateur reproduction of Tubridy’s previous Saturday night gig rather than the latest version of RTEs flagship show.

Verdict: Could/must do better.

8 thoughts on “New Late Late Show – Could do better”

  1. Why did they call it The Late Late Show, when it clearly was Tubridy tonight but as you say a more amateurish version?

    Everything was the same as his own show. The only thing they borrowed from the Late Late was the owl.

    I had no problem with Tubridy tonight, but I believe it is a disservice to what the Late Late Show was to have it changed to a format that always had less ratings

  2. The set looks as if bought at Ikea and the only thing different from Tubridy To-night was the owl.

    On the other hand although I did not watch all the interview with Cowan I thought Tubridy did not spare him the hard questions.

  3. a halfwya house set between late late and tubridy retro style = fail

    3000 quid for his chair apparently wtf

  4. It’s a disgrace how Brian Cowen was treated by Tubridy! The guy has a difficult task in trying to get us out of the sh*t! If Gordon Brown went on to a chat show in the UK, or Barack Obama in the US, they would not be spoken to in the way Tubridy spoke to Brian Cowen. A bit of respect required!!!

  5. Yeah yeah WTFstory, lets not forget this fat f**k and hes buddies are on more money then brown and obama. And for what??? We must be the laughing stock of the world, did he and hes buddies not get us into this mess??? Every question that tubridy asked him was the very question that joe soap on the street wants to ask. He knew what was coming u dumb f**k!!! How could u respect that shower WTFstory??? A corrupt country is what we got.

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