Bertie Ahern – Still a hero

The Cowen interview on the Late Late Show was further evidence that Ireland is a nation in denial.

Tubridy asked Cowen did he envy Bertie Ahern’s extraordinary foresight in resigning before the economy collapsed. The audience reacted with loud applause obviously agreeing with Tubridy that Ahern was a great leader who had done all he could for his country before deciding, without pressure, to gracefully retire.

The fact that Bertie Ahern was forced to leave office in disgrace has been completely forgotten by most Irish citizens and media.

Indeed, the very moment he announced his resignation almost the entire nation went into denial and acclaimed him as a great Irish statesman when they should have been making room for him in Mountjoy.

2 thoughts on “Bertie Ahern – Still a hero”

  1. Have to disagree here Anthony…

    I think Tubridy was asking the question tongue-in-cheek – implying Our Bertie knew what he was doing leaving Cowen in the shitter, and being an immoral bollocks in doing so. I think the crowd read that and supported the style of questioning… i.e, the crowd was with Tubridy in being corse over Bertie.

    Of course, Cowen still loved him.

  2. If I remember correctly, after the applause by the battery hens in the audience, Cowen said “he (Bertie) served his country well”. Vomit inducing.

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