Latest: Fianna Fail found not guilty

I received a decision from the Standards in Public Office Commission today regarding my formal complaint in relation to allegations that Fianna Fail had failed to disclose tens of thousands of Euro in corporate donations.

After four months of investigation and deliberation the Commission found that Fianna Fail had not broken the law. I would have been astonished if the outcome had been any different.

Dear Mr. Sheridan,

Thank you for your correspondence, dated 21 May 2009, in relation to a report published in the Irish Examiner, on 18 May 2009 and donations made by Durkan New Homes Ltd. To Fianna Fail.

The Standards in Public Office Commission has completed its investigation into this matter and has considered the responses from Fianna Fail and Durkan New Homes Ltd.

The Commission considered the responses at its meeting yesterday. In light of the explanations furnished the Commission is satisfied that there was no failure to comply with the provisions of the Electoral Act, 1997 (as amended).

There will be no further action in this case.

I rang SIPO to request a copy of the explanations furnished to the Commission by Fianna Fail and Durkan New Homes Ltd.

I was advised that it would be better if I submitted an FOI to avoid any possibility of legal action been taken against members of SIPO.

That raised my eyebrows a bit but an FOI will be on its way soon.

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