Leo Varadkar – Not a happy clown

Fine Gael TD Leo Varadkar got very upset at Sinn Fein’s disruptive but perfectly legitimate strategy of interrupting proceedings during the first day of the Dail debate on NAMA.

Nobody in this modern era is impressed by that sort of behaviour but believe it or not some people are.

Varadkar was asked if he was ever thrown out of the Dail.

No, I don’t do that. Unfortunately, the way the media and our system works you will get more attention for that childish schoolboy carry on than you’ll get for making a serious contribution.

He became even more upset after Sinn Fein interrupted proceedings for a second time.

I hope people at home watching this see what a bunch of clowns Sinn Fein are. They don’t attend the House of Commons even though they draw their salaries and I’m sorry they come to the Dail because there’s nobody in the Dail wants this display of circus type behaviour.

Clowns? Circus type behaviour? Childish schoolboy carry on? Sounds to me like a routine day in our national parliament.