Lenihan and Fianna Fail have all the answers

Some recent comments by Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan.

On the Rody Molly scandal:

Salaries paid to public officials are unsustainable; they are overpriced arrangements which are being reviewed.

The Minister didn’t say if his own salary or that of his party leader would be part of the review.

On public anger and the media:

People had to get over their anger to make progress. I despair at times at the standard of public discourse about our current difficulties.
The reluctance of some commentators to grapple with the arguments, to go beyond the loaded cliché and the populist jibe, does a real disservice to the public.

Clearly the Minister is unhappy about the standards of intelligence and responsibility outside of the body politic.

On the referendum result:

What I saw in this debate is a growing realisation among the people that junk economics and junk politics from far-left politicians are not going to solve any of our problems.

It’s reasonable to assume the Minister thinks that his corrupt, greedy, arrogant and unaccountable party holds the answer to all our problems.