Mind boggling figures

110,000 employees in the Health Service Executive struggle to provide a service for a tiny percentage of Ireland’s 4.5 million population.

40,000 EU bureaucrats operate an administration system that serves a population of 500 million

3 thoughts on “Mind boggling figures”

  1. Let’s put that in a somewhat starker perspective.

    There are 2,029,800 people at work in Ireland (Source http://www.cso.ie 2008 figures) if 110,000 people are employed by the HSE, that means one in every 20 people employed in the country works for the HSE – not the public service, just the HSE. Wow!

    If we assume a population of 4.5 million, that means that one in every 40 PEOPLE works for the HSE, man, woman and child!

    Explain to me again why we have waiting lists in our hospitals 😉

  2. To my knowledge Bock, a good percentage are administrative. It’s this sector that has ballooned in recent years and it’s this sector that decides who goes and who stays from the front-line services

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