Good riddence O'Donoghue

John O’Donoghue is gone and good riddance. No doubt we’re now going to be subjected to a tidal wave of hypocritical cant from the usual elements of the body politic and media.

He was a good man, he served his country well, we must think of his family, he was brought down by the mob; the media were out to get him blah, blah, blah.

And of course there will be at least one journalist who will make the nonsensical, but by now standard, accusation that – we’re all to blame.

The truth is always simple – John O’Donoghue has joined a long list of Fianna Fail politicians, including Bertie Ahern, who have betrayed their country for their own greedy ends.

One thought on “Good riddence O'Donoghue”

  1. Cowen already said he was a “man of integrity”. claiming back £1 donation to unicef says differently. Typical guff from those who look after their own.

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