Little slips that reveal the truth

Sometimes it’s the little slips that reveal the truth.

During a discussing on Prime Time (4th report) about what should be done to help hard pressed homeowners pay their mortgages Fianna Fail TD, Michael McGrath said:

If people feel that there’s an easy way out then why would anyone continue to make repayments?

In other words, those struggling with massive mortgages must be closely watched in case they try to cheat the state out of money.

Meanwhile the ‘easy way out’ provided by Fianna Fail for bankers and property developers is near completion – and those struggling with massive mortgages will be paying the bill.

One thought on “Little slips that reveal the truth”

  1. So you don’t agree that there’s a moral hazard in insisting people shouldn’t be responsible for their actions?
    Not a supporter of NAMA by the way, but this is a seperate argument.

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