The criminal Haughey speaks from the grave

I see the corrupt Haughey had an article in last week’s Sunday Independent on the origins of Social Partnership and the part it played in Ireland’s (so called) financial recovery in the 1980s.

Written shortly before he died Haughey, predictably, heaps praise upon himself for saving the country. He ends the article with;

I thought it important now to recall the dire situation in which the economy was 20 years ago in 1986 and from which it has reached by the determined and patriotic combination I put together of government, trade unions, employers and farmers which, I am glad to say, has continued ever since. I hope it will long continue.

No doubt if the criminal was alive today he would be claiming that the disaster facing the Irish people was all the fault of Lehman Brothers, (just like his incompetent successor Bertie Ahern) that it had nothing to do with his incompetence, greed and corruption.