Catholic child abuse: Nothing changes in a corrupt state

A nun from the institution delivered the complainant to him for the purposes of permitting the abuse.

The complainant alleged that the nun was complicit in the abuse on these occasions and that the nun herself participated in the abuse and watched it taking place.

She alleged that she was gang-raped by three or four men in that house and that Fr Cassius was one of the participants in the rape.

It’s critical, I believe, when considering the Murphy Report to keep two things in mind at all times.

Firstly, the absolute horror, helplessness and fear experienced by the children as they were abused and secondly that the official reaction to the report is exactly as can be expected from the ruling regime of a corrupt state.

A standard part of that reaction involves endless talk and analysis coupled with endless inquiries but never, ever, any direct action.

Here’s Garda Commissioner, Fachtna Murphy, commentating on the recently announced inquiry by the assistant Garda commissioner (Six One News, 4th report, 2nd item).

He will examine handling of the complaints and the handling of the investigation and not just by the Gardai alone but by church and state authorities and he will report to me with his recommendations.

So when I get that report from the assistant commissioner I will consult with the Director of Public Prosecutions to see if criminal liability arises.

So, after three years of detailed and exhaustive investigation by Judge Yvonne Murphy culminating in overwhelming evidence of serious crimes the state launches an inquiry into the findings of that inquiry.

The Garda commissioner then tells us that when that inquiry is complete, let’s be generous and give it another three years, he will consult (conduct an inquiry) with the DPP to see if criminal liability arises.

The DPP will then consult himself and his advisors (yet another inquiry), over a couple of years, by which time the whole scandal will be forgotten and quietly dropped.

The following extract from the report provides us with a good idea of how this strategy works. The extract concerns a renegade priest who was sent to America after becoming an ‘embarrassment’ (Judge Murphy’s emphasis).

The bishops decided to let him go to the USA. They, in effect, set him loose on the unsuspecting population of Stockton, California.

Monsignor Stenson noted in a contemporaneous memo that the garda inspector, on being informed that Mr ? was in the USA, commented that this made his task much easier in that “they will hardly send me to America for him”.

That same afternoon, the inspector called to Archbishop‟s House and, according to Monsignor Stenson‟s contemporaneous notes, 338,
informed Monsignor Stenson:

“The Guards are aware that should the matter surface in the Sunday World in two or three years time it is important for them to have covered their tracks. Hence the present enquiry”.

One thought on “Catholic child abuse: Nothing changes in a corrupt state”

  1. Read on todays that Bertie Ahern and Mary McAleese are both members of an organisation that few have probably heard of, [not making this up] The Sacred Military Constatantinian Order of Saint George.
    Information here.

    President McAleese is a Dame Grand Cross with Gold Star within the Special Category with the collar decoration.
    On the occasion of his visit to Ireland, the Order’s Grand Prior, His Eminence Mario Francesco, Cardinal Pompedda, invested the Irish Taoiseach (Prime Minister), Mr Bertie Ahern, TD, with the insignia of Knight Grand Cross of Merit with Gold Star within the Special Category.

    Just looking at the website of the Sacred Military Constatantinian Order of Saint George, (yes it is real). They have a Grand Inquisitor on their books, His Excellency Prince Carlo Cito Filomarino,
    (Prince of Rocca d’Aspro). Wonder what his duties involve.

    If Ahern and Mary McAleese are on board, here’s what they’ve had to do for membership, apart from being “practising Roman Catholics and in good standing with the Church” that is.

    1. Work for the glorification of the Christian Cross, the preaching of the Roman Catholic Faith and the defence of the Roman Catholic Church.
    2. Promote the spiritual and physical welfare of the sick and disabled, the poor, the homeless and the illiterate; to aid and protect them and contribute to their material and moral support; to establish institutions of Christian charity to attend to their needs; to co-operate with other agencies or institutions which engage in like work; and, generally, to do any and all things and engage in any and all activities which, in the judgment of the Grand Master and the Council of the Delegation may be necessary or proper to accomplish the aforesaid purposes and objectives.

    So, the defense of the Catholic Church is one of the prime directives. Little hope then of seeing bishops doing a perp walk in full regalia and handcuffs.

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