Calls for bishop to resign a bit over the top?

The horror visited upon children by the Catholic Church is now been completely ignored by those with the power to bring justice to the victims. Instead, all discussion is focused on the relatively minor matter of resignations.

Dave O’Connell, editor of the Connacht Tribune, thinks that calls for resignations are a bit extreme.

We need to see the Garda inquiry reach whatever findings it can do on this and then whatever criminal investigation, criminal action or whatever resignations need to take place should take place at that point.

Enda Kenny’s call at this time is a little bit premature. I don’t claim to have read the report in graphic detail. I wouldn’t like to be seen to be defending or in any way condoning but I don’t think he has emerged from this in a position whereby a resignation is the best way forward for him (The bishop of Galway).

I have no axe to grind for him I don’t know him at all but I think that we have to have some measured reaction to this.

By all means when the Garda inquiry is completed if people are found to have been in any way complicit on this, yes they must resign and face whatever legal and court action but I think at this point in time there’s nothing to be served particularly from a resignation of the bishop of Galway.

O’Connell hasn’t read the graphic details of the report, he thinks we should have a measured reaction to the wholesale rape of children and he thinks that no purpose is served by resignations.

Here’s a mad guess: No child of Dave O’Connell’s has ever been raped by a priest, no bishop has ever provided protection for a priest that raped a child of Dave O’Connell’s.

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  1. The behaviour of the abusing priests and their corrupt superiors gives me cause to muse on the following; do they REALLY believe in the concept of sin and divine retribution they preach to the rest of us or is it all just a pretence to keep the hoi polloi under their control ?

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