In the republic Mrs. Robinson's activities would have gone completely unnoticed

In our dysfunctional republic Jim Flavin was found by the Supreme Court to have defrauded the stock exchange of €83 million.

This ruling, by the highest court in the land, has been effectively overturned by a mere High Court inspector. The whole matter took ten years to resolve and at no point whatsoever was there police involvement.

In the functioning jurisdiction of the UK Iris Robinson is under police investigation just weeks after allegations were made that she secured a paltry £50,000 from two developers to fund her lover’s restaurant business.

In our dysfunctional republic such interaction between politicians and developers is as much a part of the culture as Guinness and the shamrock.

If an Irish policeman suggested that perhaps the police should investigate such connections he would quickly find himself under the same acute psychiatric care as that of Mrs. Robinson.

One thought on “In the republic Mrs. Robinson's activities would have gone completely unnoticed”

  1. Three factual inaccuracies in the first two sentences is pretty bad going.

    1. There was no finding of fraud by the Supreme Court

    2. The amount was €42 million

    3. The High Court Inspector overturned nothing (and did not challenge the validity of the Supreme Court decision)

    I have gone into more detail on my own site.

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