RTE's news priorities

The legal expert deplored the event; he was quite surprised at what happened. He suggested that radical action needed to be taken.

The journalist was also surprised and agreed that further action must be taken on the issue.

The first politician said the action was wrong and indicated that action must be taken.

The second politician was shocked by the event and said that the Oireachtas was going to have to do something about this kind of behaviour.

So what was solicitor Frank Buttimer, journalist Ralph Regal, politicians Kathleen Lynch (Lab) and Dan Boyle (Greens) talking about on Today with Pat Kenny? (Friday).

Was it the disgraceful news that Frank Flavin of DCC has been allowed off scot free with an €83 million fraud on the stock market? Was it the banana republic style inquiry into the banking crisis?

No, the outrage and demands for immediate action were triggered because a picture of Wayne O’Donoghue’s (who?) girlfriend appeared in a newspaper last Sunday.