George Lee's resignation

Last May I wrote about the passion of George Lee after listening to him savage the wasters that inhabit that useless institution; Seanad Eireann.

If every politician or even a significant number of them felt and acted with such passionate anger and honesty Ireland would indeed be a country of happy enlightenment.

I was not, however, optimistic about Lee’s chances of successfully integrating into the corrupt Irish political system.

Sadly, it is not to be. It’s only a matter of time before George is hauled down into the dark, damp pit of Irish politics where all new arrivals on the political scene are strapped into a seat, have a very bright light shone in their faces and are ruthlessly indoctrinated into the realities of Irish political life.

George’s unexpected resignation has saved him from making the choice of either challenging the corrupt political system or becoming a fully paid up member like the Progressive Democrats and Greens.

Still, it’s disappointing that he has decided to leave politics altogether. He could have remained on as an independent and used his insider position to expose corruption within the system.

2 thoughts on “George Lee's resignation”

  1. How sad it is indeed to read of the resignation of George Lee not alone from Fine Gael but from the Dáil itself. I take the point he makes about being virtually powerless as an independent but I feel like Anthony that had he remained on as such he could have exposed the whole damn shabang as as a component of a fraudulent and corrupt political system.

  2. With the departure of George Lee, I believe we are witnessing the complete demise of the now exposed Enda Kenny and the out of touch Fine Gael with the realities of the current economic situation!
    Enda Kenny, having scored a resounding national coupé by getting the country’s top economic commentator to come on side, has now with the departure of Grorge Lee completely destroyed any hope of becoming Taoiseach
    There is no use in telling the public that one has to under-go training in period when one enters the Dail
    Remember the first people that entered the Dail did not have to undergo an apprenticeship.
    This is just hor****
    All this now does, is tell the general public that Fine Gael is just as mush a hostage to its accumulated
    Ancient practices that at sometime in the long distant past might have been useful.
    This episode exposes again my contention that the practices in the Dail that all political parties conform to is way outdated and has no place in modern Ireland
    Again I state that I believe that the system is corrupt and dysfunctional
    This lame attempt to now clam that all new TD’s included George Lee must first have a type of apprenticeship before they can contribute is just farcical
    I would not vote for somebody that I thought was just going to be an apprentice
    This shows the public that true nature of Fine Gael, it confirms that even in opposition they seem to have a lot of Prema – Donnas
    They are trying to make the public conform to their way of doing business
    We won’t have it, and in the next polls you will see how pissed off we really are!
    I call on George Lee now to form his own political party and I can promise him at least 30 of my friends to join him immediately
    If Fine Gail wants to help form the next government they will have to shift Enda Kenny
    His judgement is now on the Floor!

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