Bertie: Hoping that god is a card carrying member of Fianna Fail?

The chancer Bertie Ahern was his usual obnoxious self during an interview with Gay Byrne on The Meaning of Life.

On his father’s membership of the Old IRA:

He was greatly influenced by his father’s IRA record but father didn’t talk very much about his activities. He was very republican, he was different to the Provisional IRA, needless to say; he had no time for civilian atrocities.

This hypocrisy always amuses me. Apparently, the Old IRA were gentle folk. If we’re to believe all the guff about their ‘noble activities’ we could be forgiven for thinking that they love bombed their victims to death.

I can just imagine a victim thinking just before he was brutally murdered – I’m so lucky to be dying at the hand of this ‘good’ IRA man and not one of those nasty Provisionals.

On his Catholicism:

Believes in an afterlife, believes in communicating with the dead, including Fianna Fail backbenchers.

Oddly, he doesn’t believe in Confession but does receive Holy Communion which, according to the rules of his religion, is a serious contradiction and a sin in itself.

Now that he’s publicly admitted this sin it is the duty of all priests to refuse him Communion but given that they’re as hypocritical as he is I don’t this problem will arise.

Still, I don’t think god will be fooled. He’s very clear on the matter – confession is required in order to reconnect to god’s grace and avoid the fires of Hell.

The best the chancer can hope for is that god turns out to be a card carrying member of Fianna Fail.

On the Tribunal and the fact that 78% of people didn’t believe his evidence.

It’s all down to overpaid lawyers plotting against him, twisting the evidence, ambushing him at every corner, it’s all very unfair.