The facilitation of child rape by the Catholic Church

In a letter to the Irish Times a Fr. McDonagh refuted the suggestion by another letter writer that the Catholic Church should no longer be allowed control school boards because, as an organisation, it actively facilitated the molestation of generations of children.

There is, wrote Fr. McDonagh, a world of a difference between covering up these crimes and actively facilitating them.

Two days later, on Today with Pat Kenny (Fri. 5th Feb), a distraught American woman related how her life and the lives of her family were destroyed by the paedophile priest, Fr. Brendan Smyth.

He destroyed my entire family. He was moved around four states in the US, from parish to parish within those states. I think it is important for the people of Ireland to know the fraudulent concealment that is still going on within the Catholic Church about where this man was based over his years in the US.

The horror visited upon this woman and her family happened because Catholic Church authorities moved this monster out of Ireland in order to protect the reputation of their corrupt organisation.

By doing so they were knowingly facilitating child rape.