Betrayal through incompetence

During the discussion on last night’s Late Debate Journalist and political scientist, Elaine Byrne provided some interesting statistics that, more than anything else, prove how incompetent our public representatives are and how, through that incompetence, they betray the best interests of Ireland and its people.

Since its establishment in 1937 Seanad Eireann has produced 12 separate unimplemented reports about Seanad reform.

In the 88 years since independence there have been less than 40 private members bills that have become legislation in Dail Eireann. In the 32 years since 1978 almost 300 such bills have entered legislation in the UK parliament.

Since 1997, when the Constitutional Review Group met, there have been ten different progress reports, two substantial reports and another three reports since the committee met in 2007.