Rowing in with the Government

Irish Times letter.


The circumstances under which I will row in with the Government (February 8th) are very simple.

1. When the Minister for Education Science insists that his office is located in a 12- year-old secondhand Portakabin and he refuses to be relocated until no school children have to receive their education in a Portakabin.

2. When the Minister for Health insists on sleeping on a hospital trolley every night until no overnight medical patients in a public hospital have to receive treatment on trolleys.

3. When the Minister for Transport insists on only travelling by public transport until all Government ministers car-pool their chauffeurs and black Mercedes.

4. When the Minister for Justice has to spend one day a week holding a speed camera on the M7 for as many years as his department took to approve and sign the contract for the provision and operation of a network of safety cameras.

5. When the Government closes the gap between their world and the Ireland that I live in.

Then, and only then, will I row in with the current Government.

Yours, etc,
Dermot O’Rourke
Westbury Drive,
Co Dublin.