Only the docile and ignorant could be proud

Here’s what our excuse for a Prime Minister told the world regarding the latest revelation in the ongoing child abuse holocaust of the Catholic Church.

It’s not a question for the State to get involved in Church matters, nor for the Church to be involved in State matters.

So, children are raped by a priest. Another priest covers up the crime and extracts an oath of secrecy from the victims.

Over the ensuing decades the cover up priest keeps his silence while he climbs the promotion ladder.

That silence is a direct facilitation of the rape, abuse and destruction of dozens, if not hundreds, more children and our excuse for a Prime Minister thinks the State has no role to play in the matter.

Only the ignorant and docile could be proud to be Irish today.

3 thoughts on “Only the docile and ignorant could be proud”

  1. Clowen is simply a useless civil servant like the rest of them. He talks complete nonsense all of the time and has made a dogs dinner of every senior role he has ever held. Meanwhile he panders to to corrupt unions that are running the country and ruining it. He reminds me of the useless middle manager who will talk a good game in the pub but looks at the floor when his moment to act comes. Obama must be raging hr has to waste an hour with the bufoon today.

  2. The sad fact is we don’t seem to have anybody that has the balls to really take on this bunch of Gangsters
    I know what to do but I would need to have a few patriots with me to do a good job?

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