How long before the scumbags are thrown in jail?

Dr. Mary Favier of the Irish College of General Practitioners had the following to say on Drivetime (Thursday) regarding the 57,000 x-rays that went unreported in Tallaght Hospital.

57,000 x rays went unreported and orthopedics, where there are waiting times of 600 days, are particularly profitable areas and nobody has answered my question in relation to how many of those 57,000 x- rays were public and how many were private.

The HSE say they don’t know which I find impossible to believe and the hospital is refusing to answer the question. Anybody locally is saying that the vast majority if not all, of those x- rays are public.

A quote from the book, The Bitter Pill, written anonymously three years ago by a doctor working within the health system may provide the answer.

Imagine a radiologist’s office. On his desk sit two stacks of x-rays. One stack, usually the bigger one, is that of public patients; the other is that of private patients.

For each private x-ray the radiologist will be paid upwards of €50. For the public x-ray he has already been paid, in his monthly salary.

Whether the public x-ray is reported on today, tomorrow or next week, the radiologist will still be paid the full amount of his salary, on time.

For private scans, on the other hand, he will be paid only after he has completed them. The upshot is that the private scans often take precedence over the public ones (The Bitter Pill, page 29).

The real question that needs to be answered is – How debased, corrupt and immoral does the administration of this country have to become before the people rise up and throw these contemptible scumbags in jail?

4 thoughts on “How long before the scumbags are thrown in jail?”

  1. I’ve been wondering the same thing. It seems people just have no loyalty for this country.

  2. I think a lot of people are missing the point…. The country is in the state its un not just because of politicians and rich doctors…. Ordinary people cant abdicate responsibility. Harney wasnt the one who sat in an office while xrays built up, that was an average Joe who gets paid far too much and isnt doing his job. And now hes going on strike so the buffoon caves in again. And the average Joe’s boss is another useless civil servant who is stealing a salary. And so on up the chain to the useless politicians. But people cant keep looking for scapegoats to avoid their own blame.

  3. That’s quite a good book actually the “Bitter Pill” .. he might have a axe to grind he tells a lot of the truth … Private sector makes money by leaching off the Public system. The Public system can’t work as they would be no reason to go private them !

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