Fortune Teller sentenced to death

A Lebanese national is about to be executed in Saudi Arabia for sorcery (BBC News).

Apparently, the man is guilty of the horrendous crime of fortune telling. In 2007 an Egyptian was executed for using sorcery to separate a married couple.

This religious barbarism is tolerated by the international community for one reason – Oil.

We can only hope that our Minister for the reenactment of medieval religious laws, Dermot Ahern, doesn’t get wind of this or we’ll soon see anti sorcery laws enacted here.

Our hypocritical president might also be tempted to apologise (again) on behalf of the Irish people for criticisms levied at this brutal regime.

2 thoughts on “Fortune Teller sentenced to death”

  1. I was alerted by my bookmarks update of the post following this one “A few simple words of truth exposes Archbishop Martin”. However, I find it does not exist or maybe withdrawn. Please Anthony, don’t tell me you have been censored!!

  2. Glad to see you’re still keeping an eye on me Haymoon – Lol. After publishing the blog I wasn’t happy with some of the wording so I took it off until I did a review.

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