Cowen denies treason

Amazing isn’t it, the country has been destroyed by political and financial corruption and it doesn’t seem to bother Taoiseach Brian Cowen in the least but question his patriotism and he gets all angry and emotional (Six One News, 11.30).

Eamon Gilmore was asking him about the decision to extend the bank guarantee to Anglo Irish Bank:

I believe that that decision was made to save the skins of a number of individuals, some of who are connected to Fianna Fail. If my belief is correct, and I have not been convinced to the contrary, then that decision was an act of economic treason.

Cowen replied:

I will not be accused of seeking to cause treason to my country; I find that beyond the pale and I would never come into this house and accuse another Irishman of what you accused me.

Cowen is actually telling the truth here. In recent history the criminal Haughey and numerous other Fianna Fail politicians such as Ray Burke, Liam Lawlor and Bertie Ahern have all betrayed Ireland and Cowen never opened his mouth.

RTEs David Davin Power, while admitting that Cowen’s time as finance minister made him vulnerable, was nonetheless very supportive of the Taoiseach:

Eamon Gilmore’s barbs evoked a spirited response today and a glimpse of the Brian Cowen his backbenchers would love to see more of.

3 thoughts on “Cowen denies treason”

  1. Thanks to the labour party for calling a spade a spade!
    Brian Cowen and Lenihian are both guilty of economic treason. In these times like these, the public are crying out for honesty, they want to be told everything and Now!
    Thank you for taking up the challenge and doing your duty for the people of Ireland. Politicians that are true patriots have a duty to stand with the people and one would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to instinctively know that whole Anglo /NAMA business stinks to high heaven!
    P.S. Iam not a labout party member !

  2. So question number one for Gilmore and his DL buddies in Labour is “have you decommissioned your weapons yet?”. The man is an imbecile. Kenny made a show of him recently on the frontline.

  3. Putting the interests of the banks and the developers who are getting bail-outs like they’re party gifts ahead of the interests of the Irish people? Sounds like economic treason to me. If Cowen genuinely isn’t guilty of economic treason, then he’s guilty of incredibly complacancy and should resign. Which would he rather?

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