The contemptible lies of our traitorous politicians

Don Ryan, President of the Teachers Union of Ireland, pulled no punches while addressing the Minister for Education Mary Coughlan at the TUI Annual congress (Nine News).

We are outraged by your Government’s arrogance. This is totally and absolutely your fault.

Coughlan was not happy.

I must say I was disappointed with what the president had to say. It is clearly a case where the economic downturn of this world is not the responsibility of one individual or one government.

The impact of the economic recession all over the world has been harsh on the Irish economy on the basis of being a small open economy.

We can see that this stupid woman is parroting her moronic leader Brian Cowen who said recently that the crisis did not originate and wasn’t caused by any individual here.

I sometimes wonder do these low grade people really believe the tripe they mouth or is it perhaps that their arrogance has put them beyond caring one way or the other.

What really angers me but, apparently, doesn’t seem to bother the majority of Irish citizens, is the implicit assumption of these traitors that we’re stupid enough to believe their contemptible lies.