RTE fails to challenge the moronic politicians

It was with deep, deep anger that I listened to our moronic Taoiseach Brian Cowen on RTEs Nine News (18.26) spewing out garbage speak when asked about his responsibility for the failure of bank regulation.

Before quoting this moronic fool let’s briefly outline the truth of the matter.

Brian Cowen, leader of the most corrupt political party in Ireland, is a traitor to his country. Instead of showing loyalty to the people of Ireland this stupid backwoodsman conspired with bankers and developers to create a property bubble that served only the interests of his party and its rich friends.

He and his predecessors, some of them outright criminals, have destroyed our country by their greed, stupidity and arrogance; they have done more damage to the people of Ireland than their favourite hate figure Oliver Cromwell.

Here’s what the moron had to say when asked about his responsibility:

Well the regulatory system we had worldwide throughout the whole Western world, built up over thirty years, was a system where people believed as Greenspan did that there was no problem to be resolved shows that it simply wasn’t sufficient and that’s acknowledged.

But this is a global crisis, this is a crisis that happened in global capitalism, it’s not something that originated here, or was caused by any individual here.

Now if such a stupid lying statement was made by a politician in any self respecting democracy the immediate response would be contemptuous laughter followed by a deserved public humiliation by the interviewer.

If, for example, Channel 4 news presenter Jon Snow was subjected to such drivel the politician in question would be immediately torn to shreds not just out of respect for the intelligence of the viewers but to ensure that the interviewer himself was not seen as an idiot who was incapable of recognizing horseshit when it was thrown in his face.

But RTEs David Davin Power didn’t bat an eyelid when the horseshit hit him square in the face. He simply moved on to the next question just like Brian Dobson did when that other lying bastard, Bertie Ahern, admitted that he appointed people to state bodies not because of any particular talent but because they were his friends.

This submissive, deferential attitude by RTE towards politicians, especially politicians in power, is deeply disturbing and is in stark contrast to last week’s well orchestrated campaign against low paid civil servants in the passport office and their union when RTE personnel not only adopted a strong anti union attitude but blatantly promoted the Government’s side of the issue.

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6 thoughts on “RTE fails to challenge the moronic politicians”

  1. I whole-heartedly agree with you. Listening to him blather on about Lehmans and Bear Stearns like they were two individuals who were solely responsible for the crappy state of this country was like listening to a child who’s been caught doing something naughty and blaming it’s sibling. RTE, as a national broadcaster, has a responsibility to the people, not to the government. It too, is a complete joke. I’m seriously considering not renewing my license fee. Why should I pay for substandard broadcasting?

  2. Isn’t Pravda just great.

    RTE is NOT a Public Broadcasting Service.

    It is a State Brodcasting Service.

  3. Had a spat with RTE myself I did .. Station is pure propaganda for the state, never asks the hard Questions. I suppose they would be fired if they did..
    The station is a joke without being funny.

  4. rte have this thing where they think being good journalist is letting people speak and letting you be the judge, they think this respects the intelligence of the audience but it does the reverse by so often missing opportunities to prob further and provide context and reality.

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