Greencore scandal and the Irish Stock Exchange

I came across the following report (undated, but I think it’s sometime in the early 1990s) published in the then Cork Examiner concerning the Greencore scandal.

The Greencore saga lives on.

Last night in an extraordinary statement the Stock Exchange said it wanted to make it ‘clear’ that it ‘neither confirms nor denies that it is or is not investigating or monitoring dealings in any stock at any time for the purpose of identifying any possible insider dealing’.

The Cork Examiner has been given assurances that a high powered team of experts has been set up to unravel the real meaning behind the statement.

Insider dealing may have taken place in the shares of Food Industries now the subject of a £54 million bid by Greencore.

The Stock Exchange statement is indeed extraordinary, even bizarre but not unusual within the context of so called Irish financial regulation.

Even today, decades later, the Irish Stock Exchange is a completely secretive organisation accountable to nobody but itself.

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