Something completely new is required

The best outcome of the FG war today would be the defeat of Bruton and Kenny and the election of a completely new, fresh leader.

3 thoughts on “Something completely new is required”

  1. Hasn’t happened. The real solution is the demise of Fine Gael or its merger with its twin, Fianna Fáil.Maybe then we’d get some real po.litics in Ireland

  2. Don’t think that’s going to happen Haymoon.

    Purely within the context of the politics of Fine Gael, I think Kenny’s victory was the best outcome simply because Bruton would have been an even more pathetic leader – if that’s possible.

    On the other hand, and I hope this is not too contradictory, Kenny’s ruthless and focused strategy may just give him some credibility in the eyes of many Irish citizens who crave strong leadership.

    PS: Great to hear from you again Haymoon. For a while I thought you had left the stage.

  3. Yes,I was surprised at the gloves off approach of Kenny and it may help him in some way.I don’t know why the public (Press?) is so obsessed with the need for charisma in party political leaders. Its hard for me to judge the level of this mysterious quality in earlier – say pre 1950?) leaders. Did W. T Cosgrave have it ? His son certainly did not. Lemass? Costello ? Bruton? Albert ? DeValera of course was in a class of his own – being blessed with the gift of cardiac introspection. Too much is made of leadership qualities.They may have been useful in war but now what we need above all is integrity and competence.

    Thanks for your PS Anthony. I’m a loyal reader but only comment when I feel I have something meaningful to say.

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