Traitor Dukes tells the people of Ireland to fuck off

At least €20 billion of the €22 billion poured into Anglo Irish Bank will never be seen again (RTE News, 2nd report).

This was obvious for quite some time but to actually hear the Chief Executive, Mike Aynsley, casually admit the fact was still shocking.

Ireland is ruined despite what Klaus Regling says.

If the people of Ireland remain docile, if they continue to wallow in their political ignorance they will be reduced to a standard of living similar to that of the 1950s.

They will be living in poverty with no self respect and no hope for the future. For generations to come Irish citizens will work long and hard to pay back their personal loans, their mortgages and the billions gambled away by the corrupt banks and politicians.

At the very least the people should rise up and throw those responsible for our destruction out of office. Not only is there no sign of this happening but members of the ruling elite who have betrayed Ireland continue to give two fingers to the people.

Alan Dukes is one such traitor.

He was questioned by Senator Ross in front of the Joint Oireachtas Finance and Public Service Committee regarding the appointment of Gary Kennedy, an AIB insider, and Fianna Fail hack, Aidan Eames, to the board of Anglo Irish Bank.

Here’s part of the row as broadcast on The Late Debate last night. (Remember, Dukes, allegedly represents the public interest on the board of Anglo).

Senator Ross: What input did you have in interviewing these guys?

Dukes: That’s as much an answer as you’re going to get Senator.

Senator Ross: Why?

Dukes: Because I’m not here to write a column on the back page of the Sunday Business Independent

Senator Ross: That is gratuitously ridiculous and insulting.

We’re entitled to answers to questions about people who are on nationalised banks and for you to say you’re not going to answer a question about who they are and what procedures were followed is completely unacceptable.

Dukes: It is perfectly adequate…

Committee Chairman: He has answered the question…

Senator Ross: He hasn’t, he said he has great confidence..

Dukes: It is perfectly adequate on my part to say that the three appointments have gone through due process and I’m perfectly happy with each member of the board we have.

Senator Ross: It looks to me as if these were imposed upon you and you’re not prepared to say so.

Dukes: That is not true, all due procedures were followed.

Senator Ross: Nobody interviewed them, they were parachuted in, they’re part of the old guard.

Dukes: That’s an allegation that you cannot stand up Senator.

Committee Chairman: Could you back up that allegation?

Senator Ross: I want to know how it happened, that’s all I’m asking.

Committee Chairman: You’re not allowing the chairman to reply.

Senator Ross: Ok, how did it happen?

Dukes: All of the due procedures were followed in making those appointments and in all previous appointments to the board. They have been approved by the Financial Regulator and that’s all I’m going to say.

Senator Ross: Were they interviewed by the board?

Dukes: I’m not going to reply to that.

In case there’s anybody out there with the slightest doubt about what the traitor Dukes is saying here, let me spell it out in crude but plain English.

He’s telling Senator Ross to fuck off, he’s telling the Dail committee to fuck off and he’s telling the people of Ireland to fuck off.

He is supremely confident that he can do what he likes, supremely confident there’s no authority in the land capable or willing to make him accountable.

Sadly, very sadly, for the people of Ireland, his confidence is justified.

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  1. 100% correct mate, Dukes one of the Irish middle class elite who run the country as their little personal fiefdom.

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