McCreevy infected by 'ethics' disease

Reports are coming in that former European Commissioner Charlie McCreevy has been admitted to an institution for the criminally insane.

Sources say that McCreevy became confused and went a bit mad after an EU ethics committee insisted that he take his responsibilities seriously and resign from his position as director of a London bank.

The ethics committee had informed McCreevy last August that his position represented a conflict of interest and that he must resign.

A spokesman for the lunatic asylum said that while Mr. McCreevy had been provided with a dictionary and now understood the meaning of the word ‘ethics’ he was, tragically, clinically incapable of actually acting out the concept.

A spokesman for the Irish government said that although ‘ethics’ had infected all other Western democracies, Ireland, principally through the unceasing efforts of Fianna Fail, was entirely free of the dangerous disease.

Citizens have been warned to keep a sharp lookout for any signs of the deadly infection and report any incidences to the Minister for the Prevention of Ethical Diseases – Senator Ivor Callely.

2 thoughts on “McCreevy infected by 'ethics' disease”

  1. The accompanying footage of a bemused McCreevy to last evening’s RTE news of his forced resignation from the board of London-based NBNK Investments was particularly apt.

  2. I notice given the choice Charlie McGreedy knows where his bread is buttered….. the EU.
    O course he will now receive a huge pay-off from the bank.
    They just all need stringing up..sorry but that’s how I feel.

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