The Tsunami is upon us

It is evident from listening to recent media coverage that the full realisation of the disaster about to befall our country is, finally, beginning to hit home.

Panic is now the dominant emotion running through all the (totally irrelevant) discussion on what needs to be done to save ourselves.

The following are some quotes from my assessment of the crisis since October 2008.

Musings while waiting for the Tsunami

October 23, 2008

We’re in a moment just like that before a Tsunami strikes. The sea is sucked out a great distance from the shore and people, in their ignorance and excitement, rush out to stare at beached fish flapping about. There’s absolutely no realisation of what’s just beyond the horizon.

In the shadow of the Tsunami

April 8, 2009

Irish citizens are beginning to realise that their politicians are incompetent and to a large extent, corrupt. They are beginning to realise that our corrupt system of administration will always give priority to favoured sections of society.

They are beginning to realise that in the coming year or two they are going to be stripped clean of most of their assets.
The question is – will they tolerate it?

The tsunami is about to strike

October 21, 2009

Countless thousands are going to lose everything. The Government will not succeed in resolving the crisis; they simply do not have the experience, vision or intelligence to deal with such a massive crisis.

The country’s economy will end up administrated by the IMF and/EU bureaucrats, we will, effectively, lose our sovereignty. There will be no return to normality in the short or even the medium term. Ireland is looking down the dark tunnel of a prolonged and dangerous depression where it’s every man for himself.

The best Irish citizens can hope for is that the coming tsunami, as it destroys all their wealth and dreams, also sweeps away the entire rotten system and all those who support and defend it.

All talk about the crisis is now irrelevant – it’s too late. All talk about an election is irrelevant – it’s too late. All talk about a national government is irrelevant – It’s too late.

The people of Ireland need to focus on just one thing at this time – the complete destruction of the corrupt political and administrative system that has betrayed Ireland.

Only then can we begin (for the first time in our history) to build a real democratic republic.

One thought on “The Tsunami is upon us”

  1. Looks like we’re all going for a swim then.

    More seriously, I take this talk of “National Government” as having nothing to do with getting a “tough” budget through.

    I think Fianna Fail and the Green Party know that both the banks and the State have run out of money.

    They want to get FG/LAB/SF behind closed doors and show them the abyss created by FF/GP.

    IMF in 3 … 2 … 1

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