Fine Gael Senator, Healy Eames, is a moron

Irish Independent journalist Fionnan Sheahan was angry as he described the stupidity of one of our politicians on Today with Pat Kenny (Friday, 1st item).

Sheahan: An elected senator asked – Who’s telling us we have to reduce the deficit by 3% by 2014 anyway, is it the bond markets?

So, an elected member of our national parliament doesn’t even know themselves that it’s the European Commission.

Pat Kenny: Which panel elected this particular person?

Sheahan: The education panel, I won’t name the individual concerned but it’s on the Dail transcript if anybody wants to check.

This exchange reveals how weak Irish journalism has become.

Neither Sheahan, a prominent journalist representing a national newspaper nor Pay Kenny representing the national broadcaster had the courage to reveal the name of this stupid politician.

What hope, therefore, can the Irish people have that journalists will root out and expose the many dangerously corrupt politicians?

For the record allow me to shout out the name of this moron – FINE GAEL SENATOR FIDELMA HEALY EAMES.

I only found out the name of this moronic politician by searching through the Dail transcript (with assistance from Gavin over at The Story) as Sheahan suggested; how many listeners to the Pat Kenny Show did the same?

In other words – How many Irish citizens were denied the right to know the name of this dangerously stupid politician because Sheahan and Kenny were afraid to name her?

In good times journalists have an obligation to name and shame politicians who are not up to the job.

At a time when we are witnessing the complete destruction of our country and the impoverishment of future generations as a result of our corrupt/incompetent political system journalists should be ruthlessly exposing moronic politicians like FINE GAEL SENATOR FIDELMA HEALY EAMES.

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