Irish taxpayers will not pay

Ok, here’s the reality. The massive cuts and tax increases in recent budgets, the massive cuts and tax increases in the four year plan are all just nibbling around the edge of the infinite billions we owe, estimated by some at €250 billion.

The EU, IMF and the Markets, in cooperation with our gombeen government have decided that Irish taxpayers will take on the full cost of saving the Euro and repaying the bond holders.

Germany, the richest and most powerful country in Europe with a population of 80 million just recently paid the last installment of the €28 billion bill for WW1, nearly a century after the event.

There are only four million citizens in Ireland, two million of which are working. Most of these workers are in dire straits with massive loans, mortgages and the day to day cost of living in a very expensive, inefficient and corrupt banana republic.

The expectation is that Irish citizens will voluntary live in a wilderness of poverty and hopelessness for the rest of their lives in order to make the plan work.

They will then happily pass on the massive burden to their children without comment or complaint and on to future generations ad infinitum.

The gombeen government is doing what all Irish gombeen government do when the make a mess of things – screwing the taxpayer.

The EU and IMF are ignorant of the true state of affairs in Ireland and have been convinced by our gombeen government that Irish taxpayers are only too happy to help out, no matter what the cost.

The international financial community is very impressed with the honesty and apparent unity of the Irish people.

But there’s a problem. Nobody has bothered to consult the two million or so taxpayers about the plan.

It has been innocently assumed by all parties that they will shut up and pay up.

I don’t think they can, or will pay.

It is on this technicality that the great plan will fall.