Noel Dempsey: I feel your pain

Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey, spoke to George Hook (24th Nov.) about the pain he feels for himself, his family and the great unwashed after the publication of the four year plan.

I’m a citizen of this state the same as the people that are texting into you, anything that affects them affects me.

I can understand that an awful lot of people were very angry when this thing hit…That anger is affecting everybody, it affects me the same as it affects everybody else.

I have children too, I have family members and everything else so I understand that. It’s very popular to kick politicians around, we do our best.

As a government minister Dempsey is on a salary of about €250,000. He pays for nothing, not for phone, not for transport, not for food, not for accommodation and a large percentage of his expenses are tax free.

But the peasants can take solace from this ‘leader’ that he feels their pain, he understands their anger, he’s at one with their suffering.