EU officials: No idea what's coming down the tracks

I am confident that the Irish people realise that is it extremely important in the long run to be competitive and prove what they have proved in the past that they are able to cope with difficult periods.

Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the European Central Bank (ECB)

This statement tells me a number of things.

That EU officials have swallowed, hook, line and sinker, the government line that Irish citizens are compliant, loyal citizens more than willing to make any sacrifice to save their economy.

That Irish citizens have full trust in the competence and good intentions of their political leaders.

That EU officials have no inkling whatsoever of how corrupt the Irish political and administrative system is.

That the Irish financial crisis is under control and resources can now be safely switched to dealing with Portugal and Spain.

That they have no idea what’s coming down the tracks.

2 thoughts on “EU officials: No idea what's coming down the tracks”

  1. I agree with your conclusions in this. But in truth this was an inevitability. Europe in the future will not resemble the Europe that exists today; we may even be witnessing the beginnings of an entire new order of governance throughout the European countries where it may be possible that we could even have an entirely different political shape in many of these countries, including borders currently in place. War cannot be ruled out either. People will do what people have always done only next time there will be less of the zealotry; initially at any rate, but we can live in hope that the transition doesn’t last too long. I am assuming this because where the money goes the power goes, this will bring the most changes and they will be wholly unpredictable.

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