Barry Andrews: A typical Fianna Fail gombeen clone

Fianna Fail TD, Barry Andrews was asked a very simple question on Frontline last week.

Do you actually believe that Fianna Fail deserve support in the next election?

If I was a member of the most corrupt political party in the country, a party that has betrayed the nation and brought catastrophe on its people I would (cannily) answer something like this.

Yes Pat, we have made mistakes, I admit that. I think a term or two in Opposition will be good for the party and indeed the country.

It will give us time to reflect on our policies and reconstruct the party so as to better serve Ireland and its people into the future.

This is how Andrews actually answered the question.

Look, Pat, I mean, the political system is ripe for change and it will be a very different country in five or ten year’s time.

I hope, on reflection, at the next election people will be able to say, well, ‘they made the best effort they could and they put the taxpayers first.’

His comments were interrupted by boos and angry comments from the audience.

A person of average intelligence would instantly realise that a different approach was needed but Andrews is not of average intelligence.

Pat Kenny put the question again.

Do you think FF deserves to be back in government in one form or another?

What I’m saying Pat is that on reflection you will see that we put the taxpayer first.

It’s very hard in a very…

(interrupted by audience anger)…

in the feverish atmosphere you can hear now.

In this feverish atmosphere it’s almost impossible to put that point without eliciting the kind of response I’ve just elicited but I certainly believe that there are enough common sense people to know that we did the right thing.

The audience was even angrier now but Andrews was still incapable of interpreting their mood or demonstrating the slightest sign of political intelligence

Kenny, once again, put the question to him.

Do you think Fianna Fail deserve to be back in government?

Well, I just answered that question to the best of my ability Pat.

Exactly, to the best of his ability.

During discussion Andrews showed himself as incompetent with little understanding of what was happening in the country.

His body language was that of a bumbling schoolboy struggling to impress at his first school debate.

Kenny described Andrews as coming from a long pedigree of political ‘leaders’ suggesting that the people of Ireland have been well served by the Andrews dynasty.

Looking around at the wholesale destruction of our country and the despair into which the people have been plunged I think flawed pedigree is a more appropriate description.

Andrews is nothing more than a typical gombeen Fianna Fail clone who mindlessly regurgitates the standard party drivel while remaining totally oblivious to reality.

It is disturbing to think that Andrews, as a relatively young man, is likely to be around for some time to come.

The people of Ireland can only despair at such a prospect.

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  1. Still,they made Gombeens out of the electorate for long enough.
    Perhaps “Political Science” should be a mandatory subject in all schools from infants class upwards?
    Look also at the dogs dinner that will replace them.A coalition of The Civil Servants Protection Party, and The Larger Farmers Support Party.

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