Mary Robinson: Sorry folks, you're to blame and I can't help

I won’t play the blame game.

This was the banner headline in last Sunday’s Sunday Times (Sub. Required) introducing an interview with former president Mary Robinson on the occasion of her return to Ireland after a 13 year absence.

Robinson then went on to play the blame game in unequivocal terms.

We can certainly put a great deal of responsibility on the banks and those with political responsibility, but it’s our own mistakes as Irish people, collectively. There was a sense of foolishness and, unfortunately, we’re now paying a high price.

The clear message here is that while the political system and banks had some responsibility it was the greed of ordinary Irish citizens that caused the catastrophe.

It should also be noted that the ‘we’ who will be paying the price does not include the ‘partially’ responsible bankers and politicians or, indeed, Mrs. Robinson herself.

The ‘we’ is strictly confined to the ‘greedy’ citizens desperately struggling to feed, clothe and provide shelter for themselves and their families while the non ‘we’ continue to live comfortable, non accountable lives.

Don’t misunderstand me; I have great admiration for Mary Robinson, she’s a woman of great courage and vision.

But it is depressing to realise that she, in common with the rest of our ruling elite, has no understanding whatsoever of the deeper cause of our destruction as a nation.

Nor can the ‘guilty’ Irish citizens expect any help in their hour of greatest need from this highly respected global leader.

I don’t want to get involved in the politics because as a former president it’s important to stay outside the political blame game.

So out of respect for a corrupt political system and the expensive and useless office of president this potentially great national leader has written herself out of any participation in the nation’s recovery.

4 thoughts on “Mary Robinson: Sorry folks, you're to blame and I can't help”

  1. To be fair to her, it is naiive to think that ordinary people had little to do with the crisis. I know lots of people who lied on their morgage applixations. I also know lots of people who bought 2 and 3 properties. They share a lot of tbe blame. I hink its disingenuous to think that so many are struggling to feed their kids. There has been a big attempt to distance people from any blame in this crisis. A bit of honesty is needed before we can move on…

  2. That news does not surprise me one bit. I never fell for her holier than thou attitude, ever; and holier than thou was always how I perceived her approach to the people and viewed her in that light in her seemingly benevolent attitude by her behaviour in public life. She has a gifted and talented intellectual ability and with it fooled a nation and I found it sickening to observe her use the plight of the ‘traveller’ to prop up her image and cement her status. She was and is a manipulator. For the people of Ireland to not perceive all that about her surprised me no end. I met her on a number of occasions quite accidentally and through those encounters was given a privileged glimpse of the real Mary and on each occasion could not but recall the fable of the kings new clothes and it screamed silently and clearly to me and to an Ireland deaf to her program but that silent scream had no chance of being heard as it fell on deaf ears. For my part, I was quite vocally argued against and told in no uncertain terms what a misogynistic attitude I retained of the great woman. I truly am not surprised by this news but I am taken aback slightly that she would finally reveal her true colours in supporting such criminal bankers and politicians. How the mighty do fall. History is still making great reading material.

  3. It wasn’t the Irish people who collapsed the world financial system. Do not allow yourself to be fooled into focusing on minutiae. The big picture is what is important here. The people who caused this crisis are still there, the system that allowed it to happen is still in place and unless radical steps are taken to control the markets and the criminal bankers then this will happen again and again. They have made slaves of a once free and proud people and for their crimes they must be brought to book.

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