What are the chances…?

Brian Cowen is leader of the most corrupt political party in the country. His party and all other political parties operate within a deeply corrupt political system.

That system has corrupted whole sections of the civil and public service and most of the financial sector. The disease has seriously damaged the democratic process to the point where draconian laws are casually introduced without the slightest objection.

It has disempowered the media to such an extent that they are willing to talk endlessly about any subject under the sun so long as it doesn’t concern the principal reason for our destruction as a nation – the complete and utter corruption of our political system.

Against this background, what are the chances that a politician will emerge from the rot with the vision to realise that he/she is part of a diseased political system and with the courage to lead his/her party and the country out of the swamp of corruption and into the fresh air of normal/functional democracy?