The continuing destruction of the Fianna Fail cancer

I hope Cowen is successful in his pathetic attempt to remain in power. It will cause more conflict and self destruction within Fianna Fail and that can only be good for Ireland.

It doesn’t matter who succeeds the traitor because all front runners, Martin, Hanafin and Lenihan are all members of the most corrupt political party in the country, they’re all strong supporters of the traitor/mafia ward boss Bertie Ahern and they all admire the criminal Haughey.

Not one of them has even the slightest notion of what the word/concept corruption means in an Irish context and will therefore behave in exactly the same manner as their predecessors triggering, hopefully, the ultimate destruction of Fianna Fail.

The destruction of the cancer that is Fianna Fail would be of greater benefit to the people of Ireland than any amount of political reform.

One thought on “The continuing destruction of the Fianna Fail cancer”

  1. If Cowen stays, he may actually save the country money for once. If a new Taoiseach gets appointed, the State will have to pay another FF member a Taoiseach retirement pention.

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