Senator Ross joins Public Inquiry?

Hallelujah, Independent Senator Shane Ross has finally come around to Public Inquiry’s core philosophy – that Ireland is an intrinsically corrupt country.

Speaking on The Saturday Night Show, Ross said that Ireland is a country run by cronies for the benefit of cronies.

Significantly, he also (rightly) claims that a Fine Gael/Labour government will make little difference because they operate within the same (corrupt) system.

This is important because most people/commentators/politicians seem to believe that a FG/Lab coalition will introduce radial reform – they won’t.

Accepting that the situation was extremely serious Ross promises to work on three main reforms.

An end to cronyism.

Renegotiate the IMF deal and burn the bond holders.

Reform the political system.

I genuinely wish him well.

3 thoughts on “Senator Ross joins Public Inquiry?”

  1. Should he get elected and speak in the Dail as he writes in the Sunday Indo, well then, that can’t be bad.In the list of Senators expenses he’s down at the bottom of the list. , The bankers don’t like him,the CEO’s of the semi state bodies don’t like him and the quango heads hate him and he knows how they work at milking the public purse. Finally,if a few more joined him and formed a new party it may just give us all a much needed lift,because God knows,we need it.

  2. I for one would vote for Senator Ross or any one with a like minded approach who might form an allegiance with him.

    Unfortunately the list of currently declared candidates in my constituency provides no such option …

    Here’s hoping someone will emerge in the coming weeks … and in several other constituencies to boot.

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