Pathetic Cowen exposes cowardly Martin

I wrote yesterday that I hoped Brian Cowen was successful in his pathetic attempt to remain in power because it would increase the damage to Fianna Fail, I never dreamed that my wish would be granted in spades.

Not only has the drunken fool decided to stay on but he’s also exposed Michael Martin for the cowardly creep that he is.

Martin’s strategy of ‘I’ll resign but I won’t resign’ is an attempt to convince people that he’s a man of courage and principle but who, at the same time, skulks in the bunker instead of bravely taking to the field of battle.

We can add ‘stupid’ to his list of characteristics if he thinks anybody will fall for this stroke save for the most moronic Fianna Fail supporter.

Meanwhile, the whole farce provides yet another excuse for the body politic and media to avoid dealing with the real reason for the destruction of our nation – the all pervading disease of political corruption.

3 thoughts on “Pathetic Cowen exposes cowardly Martin”

  1. Look at any politician’s eyes and you will know at one point they lied. For example, when Cowan said he told the truth [about the golf incident],he lied.Watch his eyes and see what happens.You can hide with your facial expressions but not in your eyes.The same thing happened re Ahern and Dempsey denying re the IMF. regards

  2. Question: How can you tell when a politician is lying

    Answer: Their mouth is moving

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