Cowen confirms Ahern and Dempsey as liars

Speaking on Morning Ireland today Taoiseach Brian Cowen confirmed that the entire Cabinet was kept fully informed of decisions and events surrounding the calling in of the IMF.

In other words, Cowen is confirming that Justice Minister, Dermot Ahern and Transport Minister Noel Dempsey are barefaced liars.

2 thoughts on “Cowen confirms Ahern and Dempsey as liars”

  1. Sure, did anyone actually think otherwise?

    I couldnt stomach listening to Dempsey on Morning Ireland this morning. Dancing around the same question over and over. Sure why would he give a shite – he’s on on the home straight (with his buddy Ahern) now anyway – walking off into the sunset with his pockets full to his castle in Meath. Tosser.

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