Tunisia more democratic than Ireland

A panelist on the Marian Finucane Show last Sunday made some comparisons between Ireland and Tunisia which recently overthrew a corrupt government.

Unemployment is at 14% with youth unemployment at 25%. This is much the same as Ireland.

Public debt is 50% of GDP. Ireland’s public debt is 100% of GDP.

The president was despised for living a life of excess while ordinary Tunisians struggled to survive.

Ireland’s ruling elite are despised for living a life of excess while ordinary citizens struggle for survival.

Then up pops Sean (son and benefactor of the criminal) Haughey with a ‘profound’ contribution.

The big difference is that Ireland is a democracy.

Ireland is a democracy? Only a complete fool would make/believe such a statement.

There is only one difference between Ireland and Tunisia – Irish citizens have not yet taken to the streets to destroy the corrupt political system that operates in the exact same manner as the Tunisian regime did before it was overthrown.