Gombeens in the political pigsty

Deep anger and utter disgust was my reaction to the moronic behavior of our gombeen politicians (from all parties) in our national parliament last Wednesday.

We witnessed a gombeen Taoiseach, supported by his gombeen party, slagging off a gombeen Opposition.

It was all fun and games with laughter all around as if this gombeen body politic had nothing to do with the absolute destruction of our country.

Our idiot of a Taoiseach was so impressed with his performance that he instructed his staff to email an internet link of his moronic behaviour to supporters.

Amid all the pigsty politics the imbecile revealed the contempt in which he holds our national parliament when, having triggered a laugh from his supporters at the expense of Enda Kenny, he declared:

It’s worth coming in here for half an hour.

So let’s be absolutely clear about what’s happening here.

Brian Cowen is a non entity; he’s nothing more than a drunken fool who managed to float to the top of a cesspool political party that operates within a corrupt political system.

His exit from politics will be a non event; the destruction of his corrupt party will be a non event and the succession of Fine Gael and Labour to power will be a non event because it will make little or no difference to what is urgently required before Ireland can become a genuine democracy – the complete destruction of our corrupt political system.

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