Cowen's last fan

For pure entertainment it’s worth listening to the giggling joy and admiration expressed by Sunday Times political reporter Sarah McInereny when asked by Matt Cooper what she thought of Cowen’s performance in the Dail last Wednesday (Today FM, podcast).

Positively exuberant, I mean I think he was just in the best form I think I have ever seen him in the last two and a half years since he became Taoiseach.

I mean everybody was looking at each other, it seems that the relief and tension of the last couple of days was spilling over into this joy really and excellent form really, he was laughing and looking at the press gallery and looking around the room and most relaxed I’ve seen him in a long time.

I think he’s happy to have the last couple of days over with and the tension and stress of the last couple of days.

I think everyone needed a laugh and everyone is willing to join in the laugh and have a bit of a good time.

Yes Sarah, we’re all going to have a laugh and a good time – On 11th March.

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