Scumbag traitor Ahern gives his last interview

The scumbag traitor Bertie Ahern was interviewed outside the Dail today as the 30th Dail broke up (RTE News).

Journalist: Will you miss it?

The traitor: Well, kind of… (interrupted by angry citizen).

Angry citizen: People like us getting cuts in our wages and taxes and all that. Have you no shame, you’re on the TV the last two days mouthing out of yourself, you should be ashamed of yourself, shame on you.

The traitor: Thank you.

Angry citizen: No, not thank you, I’m fed up. I’m working and getting my pay cheque this week and getting less money, how dare you?

Journalist: That’s an anger that most Fianna Fail TDs are going to face.

The traitor: (Dismissive and insulting reply) I have to say, outside here, this happens every day. People come along here to try and get themselves on TV and radio.

Journalist: What’s your biggest regret?

The traitor: I would have loved if somebody; somewhere had told me what was going on in the banks in this country but nobody ever did, you get wise after the event. We didn’t get a proper national stadium, when I see little countries like Qatar and Kuwait talking about their tent stadiums and we never succeeded in getting one national stadium.

4 thoughts on “Scumbag traitor Ahern gives his last interview”

  1. If Bertie the traitor,s Mum had known the damage he would do to Ireland, and the hardship he would inflict on his fellow Country men and women for the next fifty years at least, She would gladly have taken him down to the pier at high tide, and cast him into the sea. History will record his reign of wreck less rule, and lack of vision for Ireland, and in the end pronounce him as a disgrace to the office of Taoiseach.

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