Vicar: Bertie Ahern is an arrogant bastard

There was an angry reaction on Liveline to the traitor Ahern’s comments on the news today. Here’s a flavour.

He’s a parasite of the lowest order.

The man is an imbecile for belittling that woman.

You couldn’t even call him a man.

He’s an arrogant bastard.

I’d wring his neck if I got my hands on him.

He’s a nobody; no morals, no character. It’s good he made the comments because people will see what he really thinks of the people who pay him.

He’s a pimple on the arse of humanity.

This last quote is from Joan Collins, the woman Ahern belittled. Collins is a member of People Before Profit but the traitor didn’t know that when he made his comments.

2 thoughts on “Vicar: Bertie Ahern is an arrogant bastard”

  1. For a Minister that was on a TV advert hiding in cupboard, poor Bertie is very hypocritical, but then he always had a very short memory as from the Tribunal. Slan Bertie

  2. He stated that he didn’t have a bank account when he was Ireland’s MINISTER for FINANCE!!!……And he regretted not achieving “The Bertie Bowl”….while the country went down the toilet bowl!!!!!…….maybe he was the one who should have committed suicide.

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